Seminars: ideal job offer – Revised

This post contains an assignment provided by the Seminars course at Howest Bruges.

Second part of this assignment is following up on our ideal job offer that we chose before our internship.

I was lucky in the sense that my internship came very close to the job offer I had chosen. This allowed me to experience if I would actually enjoy a career as a penetration tester. To be honest I’m not disappointed and my internship was perhaps even more fun than I initially imagined. Two main things that I wanted to find out during my internship is whether being a full-time penetration tester is something I could actually enjoy and if I would like to work abroad.

For as long as it lasted, working abroad was definitely something I want to do over. Being in an international environment and having colleagues from different countries is actually really interesting and fun.

Being a penetration tester was something I enjoyed a lot as well. It allowed me to further develop my technical skills in cyber security and learn from other talented people. Some of the downsides were recurring problems that delayed our work, often due to miscommunication or confusion on the client’s side.

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